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Fairytale Wedding at The Cypress House: Wedding Day Stories by a NYC-based Hair and Makeup Artist

Ciara & Christopher's Wedding day May 27th 2023

The location is New Columbia, and the date - the perfect wedding day.

Bride with long, auburn hair and groom Cypress house PA

Gaby and I packed our car early in the morning and headed toward The Cypress House, one of the most mesmerizing wedding venues in Pennsylvania. As with many hair and makeup artists, we oftentimes get booked by word of mouth, and this time, it was the incredible photographer and friend, Alexis Brooke, that had recommended us.

It’s always a pleasure working with her, so we were on board immediately! The ride took around 2 hours. We had some coffee, jammed to some music, and discussed the looks of the day, but we were not ready for what we were about to encounter.

As an experienced hair and makeup artist, I’ve helped a lot of enchanting brides and bridal

parties look their best on their big day. What Gabby and I both hadn’t done up until that point, however, was help a room full of amazing doctors get their glam on!

The Bridal Party

From the moment we stepped foot in the bridal suite, we knew this wedding was going to be

something we wouldn’t be able to stop talking about!

Immediately we were greeted by a pack of beautiful women we soon learned were doctors. Both cardiologists and neurologists, they were the most amazing sight! Enjoying themselves despite the fact the sun had just risen, their energy was electric.

In our line of work, we encounter women from all walks of life and usually get a pretty diverse bunch. This group was even more special as the girls were so in sync with one another. The star of the show - the bride, was a sight for sore eyes. With her long, auburn hair and vivacious attitude, Ciara was a bride straight out of a magazine!

The Looks

Both she and her bridal party were extremely pleasant to work with. We’ve agreed beforehand to go for a timeless, elegant, almost natural makeup look to pair with the nature-centric color scheme of the day.

The main shades we used for the makeup were peaches, browns, and subdued mauves. Beauty by Alexis already had the girl’s hair done in a laid-back, yet elegant way, so all we needed to do was enhance their natural beauty.

The bridesmaid dresses ranged from deep green to light sage while the bride wore an off-the-shoulder, mermaid-style gown in a gorgeous true white tone by Anne Barge Bridal Atelier. As experienced hair and makeup artists we always do our best to make sure each girl has hair and makeup that suits her and this time was no different.

We took the time to perfectly match each of our ladies with the very shades that complement her.

As someone with decades of experience as a hair and makeup artist, I can confidently say that in the end, all their looks were nothing short of magical.

Bride and groom hugging

The Wedding

Once we were all done glamming everyone up, it was time to pack up and see this beautiful

wedding unfold. Although it’s difficult to put it into words, we’ll do our best!

Cypress House in itself is a stunning venue, but the attention to detail by Cypress Design made it even more unforgettable. From the incredible florals to every last napkin on the tables, everything was just flawless.

Catering and drinks were handled by The Hillside Catering and 570 Bar Code respectively, and were truly artistic in both looks and taste.

Although as hair and makeup artists we’re usually present for only a short chunk of the wedding day, we’re grateful to have shared it with this beautiful couple, the bridal party, and all of the top-notch vendors. Working on Ciara and Christopher’s fairytale wedding alongside all these talented vendors was a wonderful experience - we just had to rave about it!

Vendor List

Drinks: @570barcode

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