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Bridal Beauty Timelines

We get a lot of questions at Beauty and the Blush about what goes into creating our customers' bridal beauty timelines. In this post, we'll break down everything you need to know so you won't be late to the altar because your hair and makeup took longer than expected.

What is a bridal beauty timeline?

Imagine this.

It’s finally the day you’ve been dreaming of—your wedding day. Your dress is perfect, your loved ones are around you, and the venue is exactly what you pictured in your mind. But you have one unanswered question. What time is your hair and makeup artist arriving? This question is followed by more questions. Who should get their hair and makeup done first? How long will each person take? Will everyone be finished in time for pictures? Will they be finished too early and be sitting around sweating their makeup off?

I know exactly what you’re thinking... This sounds like a nightmare. And you’re right! No bride should find themselves in this kind of stressful situation on their wedding day. This is why it’s so important to have a bridal beauty timeline ahead of your big day.

A bridal beauty timeline is a layout of what you can expect during the hours that you and your bridal party are getting ready for your wedding. Each timeline is unique for each wedding, depending on the size of the bridal party, the start time of the wedding, if there is going to be a first look, etc.

HMUA providing bridal beauty per the timeline

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What to consider when creating a bridal beauty timeline:

Size of your bridal party:

The number of people having hair and makeup services done is important when it comes to your bridal beauty timeline, whether it's just you and your maid of honor or 12 bridesmaids plus the mother of the bride and groom. This number determines when the artists should arrive to start hair and makeup, for you and your bridal party. The larger the group, the earlier the start time and vice versa.

Space limitations in your bridal suite: