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Stay Cool & Prepared: Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Your big day is just around the corner and we can feel the excitement

building up! We know you've got everything under control, from nailing

down those important details to fussing over every last thing – you're

totally on it.

Hair and makeup? Booked. Dress? Altered and ready to amaze. Menu?

The deliciousness is all sorted. It seems like everything is falling into

place. All that’s left to do is wait for the day when you say “I do”, right?

Well, not exactly.

As professional New York/New Jersey bridal hair and makeup team, we've had the

pleasure of being part of countless weddings. Aside from allowing us to

work with some amazing, beautiful people, this has also taught us quite

a few wedding day secrets.

In this blog, we're spilling the tea on a little something that can make or

break your wedding day. Let’s get to it.

What is a Day of Emergency Kit?

Ever heard of a Day of Emergency Kit? It's like having a little magic bag

that can solve a plethora of issues that may otherwise threaten to ruin

your big day. Picture it as your trusty superhero sidekick, swooping in to

save the day!

As seasoned New York/New Jersey bridal hair and makeup team, we've witnessed

it all – the mishaps, the occasional “oopsie”, and the downright

accidents that happen on wedding days. And guess what? More often

than not, the lack of an emergency kit turns those tiny issues into

massive, giant ones!

But hey, we're here to help you dodge those awkward moments and be

prepared for your wedding day. Keep reading to find out exactly what

you need to stash in your day-of emergency kit to stay covered, cool,

and collected.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: What to Include?

Needle & Thread

Imagine this: you’re in your perfect wedding dress, everything is going

well, you’re dancing, having the time of your life! Then, all of a sudden,

a rip happens. It can be a button, a strap, a hem — anything! The dress

is almost ruined and you don’t know what to do. I mean,

Nobody carries a needle and thread with them, right? Wrong! You do,

because you came prepared.

Including a few needles and threads in the colors of your dress and

those of your bridesmaids is a definite must. Even if you’re super careful

and have never ripped any clothing item, it’s still much better to be

prepared than sorry!

Stain Removing Pen

We have experienced a bride, a groom, a bridesmaid, or anyone in the

wedding party staining their clothes more than once. As hair and

makeup artists, we do our best to ensure the makeup we apply is as

transfer-proof as possible, but things can happen.

In addition, makeup isn’t the only culprit. Drinks and food are often to

blame, so it’s smart to have a stain-removing pen on hand! Why have a

stained dress in your wedding photos when you can remove the stain

and stay spotless?

Makeup Touch up Kit

Once your Bridal Hair and Makeup team leaves, it's important to avoid touching or crying to maintain your flawless look. We recommend keeping a lip gloss for quick touch-ups. Additionally, have a powder puff to manage any oiliness after the reception or tears during those heartfelt "I DO's." Store this kit in your dress pocket or entrust it to your maid of honor.

Hair Accessories

Ask any hairstylist and they'll tell you that bobby

pins, and hair spray are some of the most essential things you can

include in your emergency wedding kit!

No matter how good of a job your artist does, a strand may become

loose here or there, so having the tools to fix it is a definitive necessity

in our book! Dancing, for example, is one activity that may cause your

hairdo to come undone, so being prepped is key!

To Sum Up

Your wedding emergency kit should contain anything that may help you

handle a possible issue. From band-aids, tampons to support tape and tissues,

everything counts!

These are are a FEW things we recommend as New York/New Jersey bridal hair and makeup team but you're always free to add or subtract and customize your very own kit!

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