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Wedding Planning Tips by NYC Hair and Makeup Artists: Why A Day-of-Coordinator is ALWAYS a Good Idea

So, you’re planning your wedding, and things are going great! The venue is booked, vendors are in check, and music and photographers are aligned - everything is on track! Planning is a piece of cake! Then, the day comes.

The florals aren’t where they should be, everyone keeps getting in each other’s way, and

everything is just one big chaotic mess. Instead of doing your hair and makeup, you and your wedding party find yourselves running around the place, trying to tie up ends you didn’t even know were loose, turning your wedding day into a race with time.

Does this sound like your own personal nightmare? It sure is for many couples out there!

Luckily, it can stay just that with the help of a (drumroll please) day of coordinator!

As NYC hair and makeup artists, we’ve seen it all: from what we just described, to truly

seamlessly flowing wedding days, and we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll be going over exactly what a day-of coordinator does, why they’re so important, and if you need one for your wedding day.

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What is a Day of Coordinator?

If we’re being frank, a day of coordinator is your personal wedding day superstar assistant. They are the so-called puppet master that leads the show from behind the scenes.

From taking care of the big stuff to looking into the tiniest details, a day-of coordinator is

responsible for making sure everyone knows their spot, and everything is exactly where it

should be during your wedding day.

As hair and makeup artists, for example, we heavily depend on guidance on the wedding day. Sure, we get the base details drawn up when we’re booking, but plans can change quickly when a wedding is in question. It only takes one little mishap, and the entire mountain of work can start crumbling down.

In our experience, without the day of the coordinator’s expert guidance, it’s not uncommon for chaos to ensue. Bridesmaids, filled with excitement and nervous energy, find themselves

overwhelmed, resulting in raised voices and frazzled nerves. Meanwhile, the bride, unknowingly caught up in the whirlwind, mistakenly reaches for her fifth champagne glass a tad too early in the morning. Oops!

But whenever a day-of coordinator was involved, we’ve never had an issue. They step in to

alleviate the stress, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the hair and makeup process, and the wedding day begins as it should.

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Should You Get a Day-of Coordinator?

Now that we’ve praised them, it’s time to see if you really need a day of coordinator! The truth is not every wedding needs one, but how do you know if yours is one of them?

The simplest way to determine whether or not you need a day of coordinator is to look at the size of your wedding. Here are some things to consider: the guest count, how many vendors you’re dealing with, how many people need hair and makeup artists' services, and so on. If the numbers are small, chances are that you won’t need a day-of coordinator. Chances are a 25 or 50-person wedding can go smoothly without. But if you’re hosting a larger-size event you’ll have to deal with a big venue and many different vendors. This is where the story changes, and investing in a day-of coordinator is an absolute must-have worth their weight in gold!

It’s important to note that if you book one, their presence might not be prominently felt on

your big day. Usually, day-of coordinators stay behind the scenes and take care of everything. While some couples might initially hesitate at the idea of someone running around and directing people throughout the day, it's crucial to understand the invaluable role a day-of coordinator plays. They work tirelessly to manage timelines, coordinate with vendors, and handle any unforeseen challenges that may arise. Their discreet presence lets you and your partner enjoy your day without worrying about logistics and troubleshooting. Now, that’s a win-win in our books!

How to Find the Perfect Day of Coordinator?

Research is about to become your ultimate BFF! Whether you're all about scrolling through

Instagram or going full detective mode with good old Google, it's time to dive into the world of wedding information!

When conducting your research, it's always a good idea to check in with your vendors. Don't hesitate to ask if they have any referrals for you as they may have some great recommendations for day of coordinators they have worked well with in the past. Building relationships with your vendors and seeking their input can go a long way in ensuring a seamless and successful wedding day.

Another thing to keep in mins is it’s important to go beyond the price of the services. Of course, budget matters. However, even if some pricing is slightly above your price range if the services offered align with your expectations and needs, it might be worth it.

Also, pay extra attention to reviews. What did past couples think? What were their experiences like? The tea they spill can save you from potential headaches. Don't forget to tap into your personal network too! You never know who might have the inside scoop on that person or service you're eyeing.

Day-of coordinators are a vendor for your wedding day just like hair and makeup artists are, so the picking process should be similar. Just take your time. Soon enough, you’ll find the one you click with from the get-go!

Hiring a Day of Coordinator: Final Thoughts

We hope this blog will help your decision-making process. If you’re getting married in NYC and looking to hire a day-of coordinator, our friends at Events by Kris & Weddings with Verve are amazing and we can’t recommend them enough.

If you’re, however, looking for NYC hair and makeup artists, know that our team is always here and ready to help!

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